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Here are some examples of how Lincor customers are using Lincor technology. MEDIVista is the predecessor of our current LINC technology

Netherlands Cancer Institute

Netherlands Cancer Institute is a world leader in the fight against Cancer and have LINC Technology in use at every bedside utilising Advantech terminals. This video, produced by Advantech, shows it in use and describes the benefits to both the clinical staff and the patients.

Centre Hospitalier de la Région D’Annecy(CHRA)

This video describes some of the benefits CHRA management, medical and nursing staff have achieved with LINC Technology at its 650-bed hospital at Metz Tessy in the French Rhône-Alpes region. This video was produced by our partner for this project – Jaotech.

University Hospital Leuven (UZ Leuven)

UZ Leuven is the largest hospital in Belgium with more than 2600 beds. LINC Technology was installed by our partner Nextel. The significant installation made the TV news in Belgium.

Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

The Mater Dei Hospital in Malta has installed LINC Technology to provide patient entertainment and multimedia services. This video was produced by our partner, Melita, and shows patients being shown how to use the system and explains how the services can be purchased using prepaid smart card purses.

Martini Hospital, The Netherlands

This video (in Dutch) is aimed at patients of the Martini Hospital in Groenigen as it explains how they can access entertainment and communications services using LINC Technology patient engagement technology. The system at Martini Hospital was implemented by our Dutch partner, kpn

Mont-Godinne University Hospital, Belgium

This video (in French with English subtitles) was produced by our partner Econocom describing the implementation of 500 Lincor bedside terminals.

 AZ Sint-Blasius ziekenhuis, Belgium

This video (in Flemish) produced by Telenet for Business, shows Lincor Solutions in use in AZ Sint-Blasius. The project was implemented by our partner NEXTEL.

Clinica CHIP Malaga

This video (in Spanish) showcases the facilities at the Clinica CHIP in Malaga and shows patients using the Lincor system.

CHR Metz, Thionville

This video (in French) produced by Innovation Responsable en Lorraine showcases CHR Metz and describes the many features in it, including the Lincor patient engagement solution.