In addition to delivering enhanced clinical and nursing workflows that contribute to the overall hospital efficiency, MEDIVista also offers specific applications designed to transform routine, yet important aspects of the running of the hospital.

Dietary Management

MEDIVista Dietary Management ApplicationBy allowing patients to order food from their bedside terminal, you increase the efficiency of your catering operation. Wastage is reduced by limiting available food choices (dependent on medical requirements) and automatically adjusting orders when patients are moved, discharged or otherwise unavailable during food service.



The MEDIVista Housekeeping application provides a room cleaning checklist, fault / issue reporting and screen cleaning functionality that reduces the risk of cross infection by ensuring the entire touch screen surface is cleaned.


Patient Surveys

example patient survey, Hospital Efficiency, Patient Satisfaction,


Patient feedback can be instantly collected via touch screen surveys and collated for centralised reporting.

These surveys are completely customisable to ensure you get the data you need.