ClinicalLINC Features

EMR Access

ClinicalLINC gives clinicians direct, secure access to a hospital’s electronic information systems at the point of care. Clinicians use ClinicalLINC to view and update medical records, order and verify medication, and review a patient’s latest scans and test results—right at the bedside.

Educational Benefits

ClinicalLINC helps integrate education into the patient encounter by providing a simple way to share a patient’s health information. Paired with PatientLINC, ClinicalLINC lets clinicians control the medical or educational content displayed on the patient’s monitor, providing easy patient viewing for discussion of scans, test results or other health information. Clinicians can easily select “prescribed” educational content through ClinicalLINC and monitor when a patient has viewed the required materials.

Administrative Tools

ClinicalLINC’s optional bed status management feature allows clinicians to easily update bed status to ensure bed availability data is current and facilities staff is notified of any issue requiring attention. Additionally, ClinicalLINC’s housekeeping application provides a room cleaning checklist, fault/issue reporting and screen cleaning functionality that reduces the risk of cross infection by ensuring the entire touch screen surface is cleaned.