Administration and Management

The Enterprise Server includes a powerful, intuitive, graphical administration and management interface.

This has been designed to allow hospitals to manage the set-up, configuration and ongoing management of all aspects of the system and its specific components, including individual applications.


Real Time System Monitoring

To ensure continuity of service and avoid disruption to the usual hospital routine, it is essential that all aspects of the system can be monitored with minimal physical intervention. The enterprise server provides an overview of the installation with the ability to drill down into specific details about an individual device.


Billing and Charging Configuration

The Enterprise Server gives the hospital complete control over charging and billing, including (where used) the set-up and management of automated vendors. There is complete flexibility for setting prices, charging methods and creating bundles.

Reporting and Dashboards

The Enterprise Server also provides access to reports on all aspects of the implementation. It also provides reports and dashboard views to key information on specific applications.

These are fully configurable and provide valuable information for hospital management and key operational staff.