MobileLINC Features

Education Options

Patients have access to educational materials, satisfaction surveys and other helpful tools through MobileLINC. Medical staff can “prescribe” videos, audio files, and documents to educate patients on a condition, course of treatment, and post-discharge care instructions. Hospitals can prompt participation in patient surveys to collect real-time, actionable information on satisfaction scores. They can also use MobileLINC to share hospital information— including facility news, events and on-duty staff – directly to the patient’s device.

Patient Portal Access

MobileLINC provides access to a hospital’s secure patient portal for viewing a range of personal medical information, including prescribed medications, personal vital sign data, lab results, discharge instructions, and more. Becoming familiar with portal access through MobileLINC increases a patient’s chances of engaging with the portal after discharge, a requirement for Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation.


MobileLINC offers a variety of entertainment options to keep patients happy and engaged throughout their stay. Patients can enjoy television programs, video-on-demand, radio stations, Internet access, games, and audiobooks. A range of pre- and post-payment solutions are available — allowing hospitals to capture additional revenue.