Optional Hardware

Our bedside devices can be used with a variety of additional hardware and accessories.  We have worked with many hospitals to source solutions for specific requirements or to integrate existing equipment with our solution.

Assistive Technology

Enpatia Headband, Patient Satisfaction, Patient OutcomesHospitals have supplemented our bedside devices with various assistive technology so patients with specific disabilities or physical restrictions can still use the system.  These have included specifically designed devices such as wired remotes or the EnPathia headband.  If you have any specific requirements or already use existing devices, we will work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution for specific classes of patients.


Although we deploy the latest touch screen technology with onscreen keyboards, some users have a preference for physical keyboards. We work with leading providers to source the latest, clinical-grade keyboards that can be mounted with the standard bedside patient device.

Bar Code Reader

We have deployed bar code readers at the bedside. These can be mounted with the bedside device or, where our dual screen option is being used, alongside the clinical access terminal. Bar coding at the point of care is becoming increasingly important in healthcare as they support legislation requiring traceability for items such as blood products, as well as enhanced reporting.