Patient Billing Options

The provision of entertainment and communications services opens up the possibility of additional revenue streams for the hospital and MEDIVista supports this by providing an extensive range of pre and post-paid integrated billing and payment options as standard.

This allows those hospitals who wish to charge patients for  services delivered via the bedside terminal to do so in a way that is consistent with their current billing practices. Hospitals also have total flexibility in what to charge for, how much to charge and the creation of bundles to encourage additional purchases.

Smart Card

These are reusable prepaid cards that patients can add credit to via automated vending machines or by purchase from various outlets within the hospital. The card is physically inserted into the bedside terminal and the cost of services is taken from the credit on the card.

Cards can be customised with a specific hospital design and will only be valid for your specific site.

MEDIVista automated vending machine, Hospital Efficiency, EHR, HospediaIf required, MEDIVista automated smart card vendors can be installed in public areas. Patients and their relatives can top up the card (and therefore the patient account) using coins, notes and credit / debit cards. These machines are linked to the MEDIVista network and managed via the server. Alternatively, Hospital shops may have a specialist terminal vendor situated near the till so shop staff can issue new cards or hostesses may be employed to visit patients at their bedside.

Scratch Card

Hospital Efficiency, EHR, HospediaThe Scratch Card is a single-use card with a fixed value of credit that is used to add to a patient’s current credit.  The cards can be sold in existing outlets (and purchased as gifts) or through a simpler vending machine than is needed for smart cards.

Scratch cards can be fully branded and include a code that is entered into the bedside terminal by the patient to add the associated value to their account.

Credit Card at Bedside

The MEDIVista Payment portal allows patients to purchase services using a credit card or debit card direct from their bedside terminal.  On admission, the patient will be issued with a smart card and all payments will be associated with that card, so if the patient moves bed, the account moves with them. Alternatively, MEDIVista can be integrated with the HL7 messaging system (if used) to automatically log patients in and out of a bed.

Once they have initially entered their card details, patients will be asked to save these details to prevent the need for re-entering every time they wish to purchase additional services.  Our credit card functionality confirms to legal and best practice requirements.

We also offer the option for patients to swipe their card into the terminal using the integrated mag-swipe reader in the terminal.

Post-Paid Billing

MEDIVista also allows hospitals to simply add any costs incurred by the patient to their final bill by integrating with the main medical and residential systems. The patient will again be issued with a smart card on admission and all services used are associated with this card. Patients will be able to access their account via any patient terminal once the card has been inserted.

On discharge, the hospital billing system will interrogate the patient’s entertainment account in MEDIVista database and add all charges to the final invoice.