LINC Technology provides features including Channel Listings, Live Pause TV, Closed Captioning/Subtitles (where available), Channel Access Restrictions (e.g. prevent children viewing unsuitable channels), Premium Pay TV channels (with differentiated billing).


Video on Demand

A selection of Video on Demand content can be made available via the patient device.





Patients can access a range of radio stations via an onscreen radio channel listing. With an abundance of multi-media options available, radio is often overlooked, but for very sick patients, or those in recovery, radio listening  requires less effort that watching or reading. Listing to local radio stations while in hospital also keeps patients in touch with their communities.


A basic package of games is provided as standard. If additional games are required, these are available for an additional fee from Lincor’s content partners.




Audio Books

LINC Technology supports the hosting and playing of audio books. The available content is available on subscription.