PatientLINC Features

Patient Satisfaction

PatientLINC gives clinicians secure, direct access to a hospital’s electronic information system at the point of care. Clinicians use PatientLINC to view and update medical records, order and verify medication, and share patient scans and test results—right at the bedside. With the addition of wireless devices, PatientLINC also serves as a vital signs monitor that automatically records results into patient notes.


Patients stay connected to their family, friends and life outside the hospital with PatientLINC. The bedside technology includes hand-held telephone that delivers all the functionality supported by the hospital phone system, as well as an integrated camera for video calls. Internet access also allows patients easy access to their personal email accounts.

Patient Tools

Patients have access to educational materials, satisfaction surveys and other helpful tools through PatientLINC. Medical staff can “prescribe” videos, audio files, and documents to educate patients on a condition, course of treatment, and post-discharge care instructions. Hospitals can prompt participation in patient surveys to collect real-time, actionable information on satisfaction that can be reviewed on an individual and aggregate basis. Optional features also allow PatientLINC to collect patient food orders, control room lighting and temperature, and provide remote patient monitoring.


PatientLINC offers a variety range of entertainment options to keep patients happy and engaged throughout their stay. Patients can enjoy television programs, video-on-demand, radio stations, Internet access, games, and audiobooks. A range of pre- and post-payment solutions are available —allowing hospitals to capture additional revenue for select entertainment options.

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