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U.S. Lincor Partner Bridges the Gap between Long Term Care Residents, Families and Hospitals

Endeavor HealthTech, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) is proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with Presbyterian Homes of Georgia, which will be the first long term care facility to install MEDIVista. With 320 devices placed at the resident’s bedside, nurse’s stations and in common areas, this marks the successful opening of a new market segment for MEDIVista in the United States.  Endeavor is the first Lincor partner to focus on sub-acute as well as acute health care companies.

Several factors went into Presbyterian’s decision to install this state-of-the art system.  As Medicare cuts have taken a bite out of reimbursements, long term care facilities are looking for ways to counteract the effects on revenue as most facilities have already cut expenses as far as possible. During presentations, Endeavor focused on three critical areas: increasing census, improving the patient experience and increasing Resource Utilization Group (RUG) scores.

By providing the competitive advantage that MEDIVista brings the facility, Presbyterian has an eye towards marketing services such as Skype as one path to increasing census.  Friends and family members will be able to visit residents at any time, without the need to travel, from anywhere in the world.  The benefits include reducing the feeling of isolation on the part of the resident and decreasing the feeling of guilt on the part of family members – quite often the decision makers when it comes to selecting a facility. “MEDIVista’s Skype capability really put it over the top for us.” says Rodney Read, Presbyterian’s IT Director.

“MEDIVista’s plethora of entertainment options is poised to keep the residents engaged on a continual basis.  Along with the aforementioned video chat capabilities, Presbyterian foresees a better patient experience and longer life expectancies, both of which should have a positive impact on revenue.” says Charlie Mintz, Endeavor’s CEO.

With the move towards Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in this health care segment, MEDIVista’s point-of-care access to these EMRs and its touch screen user interface will provide for easier, more complete documentation.  By streamlining and improving the documentation process, RUG scores should rise and hence have a positive impact on reimbursements.

“Another common focus between acute and sub-acute that we have discovered is centered on readmissions.  MEDIVista’s Linux platform plus internet access can provide access for the long term care clinicians to a hospital’s medical records, with the intent on providing better continuum of care. Reducing premature readmissions to a hospital prevents the long term care facility from losing a resident and the hospital from having to provide services to that patient at a reduced rate. The end result, more referrals from the hospital.” adds Mintz.

Industry reimbursement experts have calculated that, for an average size long term care facility, an average increase of one Medicare patient per month or an increase of a single  RUG score point will more than pay for the MEDIVista system.  “ROI timing will be a result of how quickly facilities can implement and market this system.” adds Brad Coyle, President of Endeavor. “We see strong interest in this industry now that we have identified a way to simultaneously improve patient care and increase revenues.”

About Endeavor HealthTech

Endeavor HealthTech, Inc. brings decades of experience and relationships with health care facilities seeking to improve the patient experience and increase revenue.  Today, with an understanding of challenges facing health care organizations, Endeavor has successfully related MEDIVista’s features and benefits to a new market sector; sub-acute facilities.

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