Cut Costs. Improve Care.

Lincor’s world leading LINC  patient engagement technology gives hospitals the power to cut costs while improving the quality of care by bringing eHealth direct to the patient’s bedside.  Many eHealth investments fail to fully deliver on their potential because they are not fully integrated into the patient care plan.

By seamlessly integrating hospital, clinical and administrative systems and securely delivering them to the patient’s bedside, LINC Technology unlocks the full potential of eHealth by helping hospitals cut costs and improve care through the introduction of new workflow efficiencies that allow hospital staff to work smarter while minimising risk.

Working closely with some of the world’s leading terminal providers we match our software expertise with excellence in the patient experience.

Patient outcomes are also greatly enhanced with access to educational materials to fully inform the patient and help introduce exercises and other post-operative activities. Access to services such as TV, radio, Internet and Skype also help remove the feeling of isolation many hospital patients (especially long-stay patients) may feel.

The opportunity for error is greatly reduced by providing access to clinical systems at the point of care.  Critical patient data can now be viewed and recorded in real time, at the time the patient is receiving medication or being monitored.

Lincor offers a range of services designed to integrate with critical non-clinical functions such as housekeeping, catering and bed administration.  These deliver improved efficiencies that can directly lead to reduced costs and improved patient satisfaction levels.

LINC Technology has a compelling business case, encompasses the following key areas:

  • Immediate new revenue generating opportunities
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Administrative efficiencies
  • Directly attributable clinical benefits
  • Significant improvements in outcomes, including
    • reduced readmission rates
    • reduced length of stay
  • Cost effective platform for future roll-out of MEWS, PROMs and telemetry services
  • Improved Patient experience